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Tuesday August 22, 2006 9:31 pm

Zach Braff Leaving Scrubs?

Posted by Wendy Michaels Categories: Comedy, Prime Time, NBC, Scrubs, News,

Zach Braff Say it ain’t so… the rumor mill is buzzing about the possibility of Zach Braff leaving after this season of Scrubs. Braff was quoted in Premiere magazine, saying “My guess is that this will be my last season. Whether or not they continue without me, I don’t know. I have had this amazing run on the show and I love it and I’m so grateful, but I want to make movies full time.” Well, that sounds fairly official—coming from the horse’s mouth and all. Part of me, however, doesn’t want to believe it could be true. Scrubs has been such a reliably funny show, in large part because of Braff. While the ensemble is a strong group, I’m not sure if the series could continue to be as good without Braff’s character. Then again, there’s speculation that this just might be the last season of Scrubs since their renewal was announced late and the show will again be returning mid-season—both indicators that NBC isn’t that invested in the show. Braff certainly has talents elsewhere with writing and directing, so it’s not surprising that he would want to pursue that more and continue to grow his career in that direction. Still… his crazy JD character will be sorely missed.

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