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Friday January 27, 2006 1:36 pm

What If…Lorelai Gilmore Weren’t A Single Mom?

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Here at TV Envy, we can’t help watching our favorite shows and asking ‘What if?” What if the characters had made different choices, formed different relationships, had said different things: how would their lives—and the show—turned out?

There’s a reason fan fiction is so enormously popular - viewers wonder this very same thing every day, and write thousands of stories detailing what would have happened, had their favorite characters found themselves in different situations.

Today we ask: What if Lorelai Gilmore had never had Rory? What if she and Christopher had been more careful about birth control, and Lorelai had never been a teen mother?

Since Rory was the catalyst for all the huge changes Lorelai made in her life, would she still have made them? Would she and Christopher be married? What sort of career would she have? Would she still have children? Would her relationship with her parents be better? Would she be happy in life?

Please leave your fanfic and thoughts in the comments section! 

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