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Monday January 30, 2006 10:09 pm

Weekly Winner: Grey’s Anatomy

Here at TV Envy, we like to look back on the past week of television and note the truly shining moments.

This week’s winner is last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The episode, entitled Break On Through, lived up to its name with two notable character breakthroughs. First, Izzie shocked viewers with the revelation of the baby girl she’d had at sixteen, an experience which led her to recommend adoption to a teenage mother.

This moment was especially effective because of the surprise factor, and best of all, because we finally were able to learn more about the background our beloved Izzie is so reluctant to disclose. Then the moment viewers have been waiting for - Meredith let down her frosty wall after a dying patient reminded her of her mother.

Overcome with sobs, the usually tepid Meredith collapsed on the floor inside a closet. Followed by perennial love complication McDreamy, Meredith avoided a near-kiss and left, leaving McDreamy on the floor, to watch her leave, for a change. This wonderful personal triumph promises fascinating breakthroughs for Meredith.

Now this is good television.


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