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Monday October 22, 2007 2:12 pm

‘Viva Laughlin’ Canceled; ‘The Amazing Race’ Returns

Viva Laughlin has had hits in the theaters (X-Men) and on Broadway (The Boy from Oz), but his mark on television will have to wait.  Jackman served as the executive producer of —the first significant cancellation of the fall season.

Yes, you could argue that Nashville technically earned that dubious honor, but Fox claimed the show was returning in October (yeah—I know it’s gone).  Then there was that small CW show, .  The pseudo-news program that really didn’t exist was just replaced by reruns of .  Regardless, I can safely say that Viva was the first ‘scripted’ show to go kaput.

After only one week on air (granted, there were two episodes), put the brakes on the musical drama.  Many who saw Thursday’s overnight ratings predicted this day would come—though I’m not sure they imagined it would arrive so soon.  Unfortunately, Viva’s second dismal performance last night drove the nail in its coffin.

The good news from all of this?  Fans of will get to see their beloved show return even earlier than expected.  It will now take over the vacant 8pm Sunday time slot starting November 4th (a CSI rerun will warm the spot until then).  While I feel bad for Hugh Jackman, I’d happily take over him any day of the week.

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