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Thursday June 12, 2008 9:50 pm

Top Chef Appeals to Youth

Top Chef logo

So how has Bravo chosen to fill their upcoming Project Runway void? By strangely choosing to expand into the kids’ market.

The cable network has just announced plans to develop a spinoff of its popular cooking show, . Sometime in the future, followers of the channel will be assaulted with a fresh-faced version of the reality hit. With Top Chef Junior, Bravo aims to “teach and test the skills of younger aspiring chefs and appeal to the whole family.”

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While I don’t have a problem with children wanting to test their culinary abilities, I find it quite strange to think of the series on this particular channel. Shouldn’t a program featuring teens aged 13-to-16 be on something like The N? And why must producers ruin a good thing with family-friendly updates? Hasn’t The Amazing Race‘s failed attempt taught us anything?



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