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Sunday January 8, 2006 10:12 pm

A Look At The Worst of TV 2005

This time of the year is the perfect time for ‘Best and Worst’ lists, so we present our Best and Worst of TV 2005. Worst first, because we all know that’s the most fun. We take a look at the various events and situations that made us turn our heads this year. Full article after the jump.

Worst New Show: E’s Taradise. Ick, icky, ick! Luckily, this Tara Reid fest was even shorter-lived than her career.

Worst Renewal: Stacked. Is Pamela paying to keep this show on with her own funds? That’s the only explanation I can think of.

Worst Ending To a Cliffhanger: Nip/Tuck’s reveal of The Carver. Not only was it predictable, but the revealing was extremely silly.

Worst Villain Speech: Quentin Costa as Nip/Tuck’s The Carver. He morphed the creepy, dread-inducing masked man into a cartoonish mockery. Never before has a role so seemed to be played by two different actors.

Worst Remake: ABC’s Night Stalker. Taking itself far too seriously, it left out the wonderful kitsch of the original.

Most Annoying Character: Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. I love the show, but Meredith’s constant self-absorbed voice-overs are infuriating. This girl can take anything: a colleague’s depression, a patient’s fatal illness, a world event…and make it All About Her. I say give Katherine Heigl the lead and call it Izzie’s Anatomy!

Worst Talk Show Moment: The ever-annoying Tom Cruise’s frenzy on Oprah’s couch. Doesn’t he know it’s rude to jump on furniture with his shoes on? Go away, Tom. Just go away.

Worst TV Voice: Kyra Sedgwick’s grating ‘Southern’ accent on The Closer. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the show solely because of this. And as a Southern girl, trust me: she’s got it all wrong.

Most Despicable Guest Star: Brittany Snow on Nip/Tuck. A long, long way from sweet American Dreams’ Meg, Brittany looked seedy as the white supremacist Ariel, and her acts of violence and cowardice were nauseating. (Of course, this could be praise for her believable performance!)

Worst Casting Change: Removing the beautiful and talented Marguerite Moreau from the soon-after-cancelled Killer Instinct. Changing a lead character mid-season is tacky, and they lost a gem in Moreau.

Worst Cancellation: Joan of Arcadia. Fans were crushed to learn the intelligent, heartfelt series wouldn’t be coming back this fall.

Most Hated Storyline, Fan-Chosen: The murder of Shannon by Ana Lucia on Lost.

Most Hated Storyline, Critic-Chosen: The removal of Eric and Kelso, the two pivotal characters on That 70’s Show. Without these two, what’s the point?
Worst Overhype: The ‘feud’ between Oprah and Letterman. Yeah, sure.

Most Degraded Show: Gilmore Girls. I know, many of you will hate me for this, but many will agree. Where has our show gone?

Worst Reality Show, Existing: My Super Sweet 16: Ug. Who can enjoy giving attention to such obnoxious people?

Worst Reality Show, New: Britney & Kevin: Chaotic: Can you handle it? Apparently we could; we just didn’t care. Who knew such a tawdry couple could be so boring?

Show Most In Need of Cancellation: Alias. It lost the spark long ago.

Worst Commercial: Burger King’s ‘The King’ ads. Creepy mask, and has nothing to do with the product. What’s more, it ruined many a viewer’s appetite.

Most Annoying Lead Actor: David Caruso on CSI: Miami. I’ll admit, I’ve had a personal grudge against him ever since his behavior on the NYPD Blue set. That, coupled with his breathy, oddly cadenced speech, makes him my choice for this category.

Worst TV Trend: Violent crimes against children. Murder, rape, and abuse of defenseless innocents was THE trend this year, on series, TV movies, and news specials.  Yes, it happens. But exploiting it for entertainment shouldn’t.
Most Disappointing New Series: Fat Actress. Oh, the possibility! It had such an original concept, so much nerve, so much Kirstie! But it proved silly, dull, and much too lean to be entertaining.

Look for The Best of TV, 2005 tomorrow.

Agree? Disagree? Please leave your picks in the Comments section!

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