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Monday September 4, 2006 3:16 am

The Week Ahead in TV

TV Week Here’s a look at the highlights for the upcoming week.  In addition to more Fox premieres, we have several new personalities to prepare for:

CBS Evening News:  The long awaited debut of Katie (or Katherine?) Couric.  Will she be able to turn the perkiness off at night?
The View (ABC syndication):  The premiere of of Rosie O’Donnell.  My Tivo is ready…let the catfights begin!
House (8pm on Fox):  Will House’s limp return?  And will Hugh Laurie’s British accent come back with it?
Standoff (9pm on Fox):  Romance between hostage negotiators?  Now that we already know the plot, do we have to watch?
Nip/Tuck (10pm on FX):  The Carver is gone but Kimber’s vanity was still attacked.  I’m guessing she still won’t be fat anytime soon.

‘til Death (8pm on Fox):  Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher play an old married couple who have to contend with annoying newlyweds…and My Name is Earl, and Survivor and Ugly Betty...
Happy Hour (8:30pm on Fox):  It’s has something to do with a newly single dude, his new roommate and the neighbors he meets.  Kind of sounds like Joey and in a similar time slot.  We can guess what will happen from here.

Nanny 911 (8pm on Fox):  Do parents home on a Friday night really want to be reminded about why they aren’t going out?

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