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Wednesday November 15, 2006 6:02 pm

‘The Thick of It’ to be Helmed by Arrested Development Folks

Mitch Hurwitz Well, it would be a lot more exciting if I could announce that Arrested Development was coming back to TV, but instead we’ll have to settle for the next (potentially) great thing from Arrested‘s creator Mitch Hurwitz. The Thick of It is yet another British adaptation for American TV. You would think that Americans have run out of creative ideas of their own! Anyway, Hurwitz and Richard Day, who wrote and produced Arrested Development, will be working together on the new comedy series for ABC. The American version will take place in the oh-so-funny world of Congress, looking at the inept players and bureaucrats who muck up the works. Day has a great writing pedigree—earning five Emmy nominations for The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested. He’s also written and/or produced for Mad About You, Ellen, Spin City, and Good Morning, Miami.

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