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Monday February 27, 2006 9:15 pm

The Apprentice Returns Tonight; Will The Move Destroy Ratings?

ApprenticeIn a highly-publicized fight far nastier than any boardroom brawl, Donald Trump and Martha Stewart have traded barbs and slung mud with the best of them. Hmm…could it have possibly been a publicity stunt designed to promote Season 5 of The Apprentice, debuting tonight? Not that the show couldn’t use it, having slipped to 38th place from its former number one spot.

Maybe this will be the shot in the arm Donald needs, but will the high-rish move to Monday nights reduce viewership?

The blood feud between Martha Stewart and Donald Trump evokes the same feelings as, say, Iran attacking North Korea. But there is something important to keep in mind. It erupted less than a week before the fifth edition of Trump’s “The Apprentice” premieres in a new time period Monday (Feb. 27). Each of the past three has produced lower ratings than its predecessor. Shows switching nights almost always lose audience, and another such decline could allow Stewart to turn the tables and lecture Trump on what went wrong with his show.

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I will always watch it.  I love the Donald…

Mr. Ego Maniac will have less people watching as the weeks go by. I think the Apprentice sucks, it is the same thing over and over. I think George and Carolyn are glad they don’t have to be there every week.

Donald bragged that his show was number one when in fact it was number thirty eight. Moving to another night might just be his demise. Other programs that did that did not survive. Enough with the reality shows. time to come up with something new.


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