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Wednesday November 30, 2005 3:44 am

The Amazing Race: Conspiracy Edition

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So last week it looks like that the mildly insane, Jesus loving, and pretty much hated by all, family the Weavers had finally met there match.  They were yeilded by the Linz family and took the rural road to the challenge and at some point even stopped for a McFurry.  They completely gave up and strolled in last…  BUT WAIT!  It was a non elimination round so after all that they survive.  Why put a yield on a non-elimination round?  It seems to make no sense except to knock someone into last but as we’ve seen before and Phil pointed up to the Weavers, teams have come from last to win.

So last week rolls around and low and behold, the Weavers work there way all the way back to the front and almost hit the mat before the Bransens.  The strangest thing about this season is 2 times now a team has dropped from first to last with no explination but that, “Due to a production error involving the camera equipment the car battery was drained. A replacement vehicle was provided, but they have fallen into last place.”  This happened to the Linz family last week and they went from a comfortable lead to last.  It just makes this already bad season just so much worse knowing that the Production team is now affecting the race.  Stay tuned…

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