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Friday March 3, 2006 2:36 pm

Survivor: Panama: For Cod’s Sake

Survivor Panama Episode 5The La Mina tribe came back to camp one member short after having voted out Ruth Marie at the previous tribal council.  Sally was feeling pretty good about herself since the men obviously deemed her a worthy enough female to stay.

Back at Casaya, the younger tribe members were puzzled as to why Bruce was working on creating a zen rock garden when they were still struggling to create a fire.  Maybe because he was sick of doing all the work for you? Aras’ frustration built up and he lashed out at Bruce.  Bruce didn’t appreciate the ‘childish behavior’ and the attack on his character.  Later, Aras privately wished to go to Exile Island so that he could seek some calmness.  Too bad the immunity idol is gone, dude!

For the Reward Challenge of the week, the teams competed in a fish-tossing contest.  In an assembly formation, the tribe members threw a large fish down the line.  The anchor member then chopped off the fish head and tail before throwing it into a bin.  The goal was to finish off a total of 8 fish first.  The contest was neck and neck throughout, despite Bruce and Sally nearly losing the game for their respective teams.  In the end, Casaya was able to eke out the win.  For their successful challenge, the Casaya members were rewarded with fish, wine, rice and beans.  As a pity reward, La Mina was able to come away with something as well—and were given the choice of rice


beans.  For some reason, they chose the beans.  Foreshadowing!!!.  In an attempt to kick them while they were down, the Casaya members chose to send Terry to Exile Island from the La Mina tribe for the second time in a row.  Unfortunately, since Terry already found the Immunity Idol in last week’s challenge, this was a complete waste of his time.

On their return from the Reward Challenge, Casaya came home to find their camp almost completely flooded out by the pouring rain.  They had so much food to eat but now they were without a fire to cook it on.  But instead of wallowing in defeat, they decided to do the next big thing:  eat the uncooked fish.  While most of the tribal members enjoyed their sashimi treat, Cirie was disgusted by her first foray into eating sushi.  Later that night, Bobby became resentful when he felt like he was left with no place to sleep.  In retaliation, he took the last bottle of wine and drank it with Bruce in the outhouse.  When the ladies found out the next day what had happened, Courtney let Bobby know how selfishly he had acted. 

Meanwhile, the members of La Mina were also having issues of their own—issues of the gastrointestinal kind.  Remember the foreshadowing??  Well, Austin and Nick learned the hard way that beans are not the first thing you should eat when you haven’t eaten in a while.  Duh!  They paid their dues for eating the goods… again…and again…and again.

Next up—the Immunity Challenge.  And what could it have possibly been?  Another puzzle, of course!  This semi-morbid version involved assembling racks of skulls into the shape of a pyramid. When it was all said and done, La Mina came out the surprising winner breaking Casaya’s winning streak.

Casaya was now forced to boot off their first member in some time and the attention quickly focused on Bruce.  Unsurprisingly, Aras thought that the tribe would be better off without him.  Although Shane was concerned about Bobby’s strength, he eventually agreed to take out Bruce.  Miraculously, the women finally

formed an opinion for themselves

and decided to change things up a bit.  The female contingent agreed that they trusted Bruce far more than Bobby and they let it be known.  Unfortunately, their plan encountered some resistance so it was unclear how the decision would go that night.  Once the votes were finally read, it was clear how divided the tribe had become.  Bobby ended up losing to Bruce by exactly

one vote

.  Ironically, this was the first tribal council that Bruce ever attended.. and he barely made it through.

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