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Saturday December 30, 2006 12:08 am

Studio 60’s DVR Viewership

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Studio 60 I found this bit of news particularly interesting because I can relate. Seems Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is getting a large portion of viewership from those who record the show on DVR and watch it later. Count me as one of those viewers. I typically record it because I watch What About Brian during that timeslot. Last season, What About Brian was so great, but this season—eh. Studio 60, on the other hand, has great writing, acting, and storylines going for it. While this show had been a bit shaky in ratings, it seems things are looking up once they count the faithful DVR viewers. Nielsen has deemed Studio 60 the most “time-shifted” series on TV, with more viewers recording and watching later than anything else on the major networks.

For those who watch a show as it airs or a few hours later (known as “live plus same-day”), Studio 60 tracks around 8 million viewers. The “live plus seven” ratings measures those who record and watch within a week. With that category, Studio 60 adds almost 11 percent of its total audience. So, the 8 million bumps up to almost 9 million viewers for the season. Sadly, it takes me weeks to catch up on Studio 60—I wonder how many others out there are like me?

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