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Friday April 21, 2006 2:31 pm

Show’s Creators Abandon ‘Gilmore Girls’

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Gillmore While it’s a good bet that the popular family drama Gilmore Girls will continue into a seventh season on the new CW network, it’s an absolute certainty it will be doing so without its creators and long-time writers and producers, Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Sources fear that fans will rebel, but perhaps there isn’t as much to worry about as they may think. Fans have not been pleased with the husband/wife creative team for quite a while, when it comes to their favorite blue-eyed mother and daughter. Could this sudden departure explain some things?

Is this why the show has been so…well, lousy as of late? Fans have continually protested the ridiculous storylines and character choices found on the show for the past two seasons, including such eye-rollers as Luke’s ‘long lost daughter’ and the ever-doomed ‘L&L’ love story.

Perhaps the Palladinos lost interest long ago, and have been trying to amuse themselves by manipulating the characters into some sort of grotesque facsimile of the vibrant personalities we used to know and love. Was it boredom that led this show from ‘quirky’ and ‘eccentric’ to ‘outlandish’ and ‘poorly written soap opera’ status? Will bringing in fresh blood give the show back its luster? Will this allow Gilmore Girls to go out with a bang, rather than the whimper it’s been heading for? It may seem like dark days now with this news, but there may be a glimmer of a silver lining there after all.

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