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Monday January 2, 2006 5:34 pm

Scrubs Is Returning: Stat!

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Scrubs Returns Finally! The beloved comedy is coming back on Tuesday, January 3rd. The NBC smash hit has been sorely missed, and viewers are thrilled with its return. Never before has “mid-season premiere” sounded so good. If that weren’t exciting enough, rumors abound that this season will be even wilder and wackier, with all sorts of new developments and top-notch guest stars, including Mandy Moore and Jason Bateman.

When “Scrubs” returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, Jan. 3, viewers are going to see a slightly different show. Unlike series where people stay in high school for 12 years, the characters on “Scrubs” are getting on with their lives. For example, Turk and Carla finally are going to live alone, as a married couple should. J.D. and Elliot live together, not with any sexual tension but as friends, so the show can explore how close you can get to someone of the opposite sex. And the young doctors are now going to become teachers and leave the student role behind.

“I think this fifth season is even more amped up than it ever was because there was a little bit of the attitude, ‘Who knows if anybody will see this, so let’s have fun,’” says Zach. “We wrote and acted what we thought was funny, so we are pretty excited about the season.”

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