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Monday October 29, 2007 2:30 pm

Scranton, PA Welcomes ‘Office’ Fanatics

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The OfficeHow many other TV shows can garner enough interest to support a convention—let alone in Scranton, Pennsylvania? Fans of rallied together over the weekend to celebrate the series and even a few Office stars joined in on the fun. , who plays Andy Bernard was on hand, saying, “We’re the Beatles in Scranton.” And he’s not too far off the mark, seeing as more than 3,000 people turned out for The Office party. The show has really put Scranton on the map—and this city of 75,000 threw a thrilling enough convention to grab fans from as far away as Australia and Ireland. And wouldn’t you know there was plenty of Office fun to be had, including Dunder Mifflin paraphernalia, a lookalike contest, and a performance by the Scrantones (not Scrantonicity, strangely enough). In addition to Helms, cast members , who plays Angela, and (Meredith) were also at the big event. To top it off, there was an Office Olympics, complete with “Flonkerton,” where fans raced with their feet in empty paper boxes, and yogurt lid medals for the winners.

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