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Tuesday September 19, 2006 9:50 pm

Rock Star Band Gives New Name Little Thought

Lukas Rossi You may recall that the name Supernova was already owned by another band, and so the courts ordered the band from the show Rock Star: Supernova to stop using the same name. Showing a complete lack of originality or creativity, the band has settled on their new name—Rock Star Supernova. I know, I know, it’s a subtle difference, what with the removal of the colon and all. Seems that’s all that Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, Gilby Clarke and their new frontman Lukas Rossi could muster. So, rather than being called Supernova, it’s now Rockstar Supernova. Catchy, no? Well, I guess there are kookier names out there (Death Cab for Cutie comes to mind), but still I would have expected Gilby with his super songwriting abilities to have crafted something a little more interesting. For those itching to have the Rockstar Supernova album, you’ll have to settle for the two songs available on Yahoo Music. They won’t be recording their album until later this year.

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