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Tuesday June 20, 2006 3:30 pm

Rescue Me’s Disturbing Sex Scene

Posted by Auburn Scallon Categories: Drama, Cable, Editorial, Gossip,

Rescue MeOkay, so I’ve previously accepted that has succumbed to soap opera antics in order to maintain ratings this season. They’re no longer a gritty real-life fire fighter drama. They took things a step too far this week, and I’m not referring to the homosexual blow jobs (I actually applaud them for taking on that story line). Tommy Gavin, after a ridiculous amount of emotional trauma in his life, goes to discuss his divorce settlement with his ex-wife, and in the heat of the moment, throws her down on the couch to prove his manhood. She struggles, fights back, and after accepting that she is currently being raped, sits back, enjoys it and orgasms? What kind of message is this sending?! It’s one thing to portray sex with an ex, but this was a huge step backward in our attitudes about domestic violence. Did this bother anyone else? Let me know your thoughts…


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