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Tuesday January 29, 2008 5:49 pm

Reality Renewals: ‘Survivor’, ‘Judge Judy’, ‘Gladiators 2000’

Survivor, Jeff ProbstWith days away from debut, has already moved on to its programming future.  Realizing their aging reality show is still a ratings hit, the network has just announced they’ll be bringing it back for more.  This means we will see two more installments of this production following the ‘Fans vs. Favorites’ version premiering next month.  And, of course, the dimpled will be there to guide us to the end.

If you want to start prepping your next Survivor pool now, you can get a rundown of the contestants here.  In the meantime, set your Tivos for Thursday, Feb. 7th @ 8pm.

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Judge JudyAnother reality staple has just been given a lengthy renewal.  - the bar by which all other court shows are set - will be in session until 2012.  By that time, the show that debuted back in 1996 will have had 16 seasons.  (Two behind what’s currently planned for .)  A still energetic told the New York Daily News: “I still feel engaged by what I do and I still have people who like to watch it.”

Although she is definitely well-liked, I’m sure her big fat paychecks have something to with her current level of enthusiasm.  Sheindlin confirmed she was given a raise for her latest contract; up until now, she was earning $30 million a year.


Ryan Seacrest, GladiatorsThanks to ‘s current popularity, a barely-remembered program is getting another chance at stardom.  , a made-for-kids spinoff of the early Gladiators run, is being pitched for a possible syndication next year. The show which aired back in the mid-90’s didn’t pit teens against larger teens, but rather focused more on health, physical fitness and nutrition.  (Kind of sounds like obstacle course day in P.E.)

If the resurrected series is picked up, we could be seeing 39 episodes - hosted by a then unknown - in Fall 2008.



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