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Saturday February 9, 2008 6:31 pm

Reality News: ‘WWE’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘Survivor’

Friday Night SmackdownAfter ten years with the CW/UPN organizations, the wrestlers of the WWE are now in search of a new home.  - a decent ratings earner for the network - wasn’t apparently considered worthy of its renewal price.  Displeased with recent negotiations, World Wrestling Entertainment has started shopping its product around town.

Although the loss of the show will now create a two-hour void in ‘s weekend lineup, the network will now have a place to shelve their experiments gone wrong (e.g. Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants).  Or maybe they can use the spot to air marathons of or Beauty and the Geek

Whatever they ultimately do, they have until Sept. 12th to figure it out.

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Big Brother, Julie ChenOver the past eight seasons, has thrown in exes, twins, partners in crime and nemeses.  Now the CBS series has revealed its latest twist: the show will become a matchmaking service.

As usual, the latest crop of single house guests have had their profiles dissected for sheer entertainment purposes.  Based on the information culled by the network, the contestants have been pre-assigned a teammate/potential love interest.  Whether sparks fly or not, these new ‘couples’ will end up competing and accepting rewards as a pair.  Of course, will try its darndest to make this experiment work.  That’s why they’ll literally be turning off the air-conditioning.

Will Big Brother’s voyeurs get an eyeful?  We’ll find out when the series kicks off Tuesday, February 12.


Laila Ali, MaksimIf there’s anything we’ve learned from the past five seasons of , its that the viewers love their soap opera stars.  (Or is it that fans of the dance also watch soap operas?)  In either case, stars including Kelly Monaco, Lisa Rinna, Cameron Mathison and Mario Lopez have all benefited from a strong fan base.  (In some cases, actual dancing ability may have contributed as well.)

So it seems only natural ABC would promote DWTS with some strategically-placed daytime appearances.  Cue .  On Feb. 26th, Melanie B’s partner will teach the ladies of Fusion a few tips about…pole-dancing.  (All My Children’s Mathison will also work his way into this scenario.)  Now wouldn’t Edyta be more appropriate for something like this?  Her outfits already border stripperville as it is.

This sweeps stunt precedes the season debut of Dancing on March 17th.


Survivor, Jeff ProbstMany have wondered how the franchise could survive a whopping 16 installments.  Now we know the secret to the show’s longevity: sunflower seeds.

The reinvigorated series has not only earned itself two more upcoming seasons, its lent itself to further overexposure.  Thanks to the marketing geniuses at the Eye network, fans already sporting their own ‘buffs’ can now eat like a stranded tribal member, too.

will be using the Survivor name to brand health and fitness related products.  In addition to ‘supercharged’ seeds, consumers will also be able to purchase camping gear, apparel and workout programs related to the program.

As if this stuff would ever get anyone closer to the million dollars…



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