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Saturday February 2, 2008 8:07 pm

Reality News: ‘Moment of Truth’, ‘Apprentice’, ‘Bachelorette’, ‘Supernanny’

Moment of TruthNow that has successfully breezed through its two-week trial run, the show is being rewarded with a nice bonus.  - apparently believing the reality show’s gimmick won’t tire quickly - has added on another 13 episodes to its initial 12-pack order.  (I’m guessing it was the program’s stellar debut that instilled the network with such confidence.)

Although a list of potential seatwarmers dwindled after the show’s first two airings (seems the attention seekers weren’t too thrilled about what they had seen), other ballsy contestants will be stepping up.  Production on the additional segments will begin on Feb. 11th.


Celebrity ApprenticeJust when you think the Trumpster is down and out, he just keeps coming back for more.

Even though his ‘recruitment’ show once faced cancellation, it’s had a reversal of fortune and now been granted an extension.  Impressive numbers for has made think twice about letting and the reality staple go too soon.  (No rush decisions should ever be made during a writers’ strike.)  Come this time next year, we will be seeing a second round of stars vie for credibility and airtime. 

Seriously, a boardroom full of D-listers is really the only thing that keeps viewers attracted to the show these days.  It’s not like anyone really believes winners do anything for Trump’s organization anymore.

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DeAnna Pappas, The BacheloretteA few weeks ago we told you The Bachelorette would be making a return to .  Now we finally know the identity of the girl behind those roses.

, who was last seen in 2007’s fall installment of , will be the the fourth woman to head the spin-off.  Although she was one of two women rejected publicly by Brad Womack in the season finale, she apparently was undeterred from her pursuit of


true love.

You can see DeAnna, 26, whittle down her crop of twenty-five sometime this summer.  In the meantime, another season of The Bachelor will debut on March 17th.


SupernannyTo ramp up the excitement for February sweeps, the will be offering her parenting advice to the stars.  (That’s right.  Famous people poop and have bratty children too.)

, formerly of Wilson Phillips, will be the first lucky mother to benefit from this celebrity experiment.  The singer - who wanted help for her husband and four children - supposedly applied for ‘s help just like any other viewer.  While it will be interesting to see the look of desperation on Wilson’s face, I hope Frost wastes little time brushing shoulders with stars.  She really needs to keep it real with those who can’t afford hired help.

Look for Jo to be knocking on Wendy’s door on Feb. 20th.



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