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Tuesday March 7, 2006 7:16 pm

Real Losers: A Look At The Worst In Reality TV

The  ApprenticeWe’ve discussed the best; now on to the worst! Many of you won’t agree with these choices—-these don’t even express the opinions of everyone here at TV Envy-—but that’s what makes it fun. Be sure to leave your own choices in the comments section.

Our picks for the worst follow after the jump.

Survivor, CBS. It’s not the entertainment value we’re criticizing; obviously, the show is immensely popular among viewers.

It’s the hubris of calling a show like this ‘Survivor.’ Every season, host Jeff Probst expounds on the treacherous, nearly life-threatening adventure the contestants are undertaking. Sorry, but no. Any show that has people run obstacle courses in order to receive a pizza has no right to call itself ‘Survivor.’

What exactly are they surviving?

We recommend the show stand up to the hype, and drop contestants onto a deserted island with no prizes or immunity idols, and see just who deserves to be called a survivor.

The Apprentice, NBC.

Not only has the show been declining in entertainment the last few seasons—-as evidenced in its drop from 1 to 38 in the ratings-—but Donald’s ego is a real turn-off.

And why do all the female contestants look suspiciously like swimsuit models? Just what assets are being praised here? Why are so many of the aspiring moguls so annoying?

Donald always claims that the contestants are the ‘best business minds’ in the country. If that’s true, this country is in trouble.

The Real World, MTV. This show has gotten awfully long in the tooth, and it shows. Just how many seasons of whining, obnoxious drunks and ne’er do wells must we be subjected to?

And besides, living rent-free in luxury accommodations in no way is anything like the real world.

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge shows, MTV.

These shows continually feature the same contestants over and over, many of them from the early seasons of the Real World/Road Rules shows.

A bit of advice: if you’re forty and still mincing along obstacle courses and participating in drunken shouting matches, it’s time to get a real job.

My Super Sweet 16, MTV.

Ick, ick, ick. Since when is watching a bunch of over-privileged, unappreciative, obnoxious brats entertaining?

Such shallowness is almost unbelievable. If the biggest concern in your life is getting your parents to give you a better party than your friend had, you really should look into some volunteer work. Or a reverse lobotomy.

What are your favorite, and most hated, reality shows? Please share in the Comments section!




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