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Thursday September 13, 2007 5:54 pm

What Went Wrong with Britney’s VMA Performance?

Britney Spears  If you’ve somehow missed the disparaging comments about on stage at the VMAs, you’re a better person than me – because I’ve found it’s totally unavoidable. The first day, the comments centered on Brit’s off-beat performance, her lethargic dance moves, and her completely lackluster stage presence. The second day, the news was filled with remarks about Brit’s body. The songstress has never been afraid to show off what she’s got, but critics are saying the mother of two should be covering it up instead. Video of Brit’s performance is absolutely everywhere for those that missed the MTV broadcast, and for those who just want to have a good laugh a second time around. Several reporters claim to have “the real story” behind the big B-bomb that landed on stage during award night. But does anyone, other than Spears herself, really know what went wrong?

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Sources say that Britney showed up three and a half hours late to rehearse for her number, and when she did arrive she had a frozen margarita in hand. Reports also state that a more elaborate number, which was supposed to be orchestrated by A&E illusionist Criss Angel, was changed at the last minute. An unnamed source told the New York Post that Britney changed several dance moves, and absolutely refused to do some of the more complicated moves that had been choreographed. And the black sparkly bikini? Sources say it was all Brit’s idea – an earlier outfit that featured a tummy-hugged corset was rejected as “not sexy enough.”

promises to have the story behind Brit’s on-stage flop, and the web site claims that Spears is “a mess” and that no one can control her or tell her what to do. The MTV-owned network promises to bring more Brit coverage throughout the week. Here’s the thing: no matter what Spears did wrong, her face and her name is all over the media. That means she’s done at least one thing right.



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