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Wednesday July 4, 2007 1:35 pm

Is Nicole Richie Ready for Motherhood?

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Nicole RichieOften the source of tabloid fodder, has remained on magazines because the world seems obsessed with her weight. Pictures of an emaciated-looking Nicole have appeared in every major supermarket, along with bold headlines that pondered the possibility of an eating disorder. No matter what happens in her personal life (like using her winning ways to tempt Joel Madden away from former famous tween queen ), the headlines always go back to one thing: Richie’s waistline. Now, a slight bulge on her midsection has everyone talking again. Could it be that Nicole Richie, famous socialite and reality TV star, is pregnant? Sure, if anyone would make a great mother, wouldn’t it be her?

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Nicole has repeatedly told magazines and reporters that she does not have an eating disorder, though these comments have done little to diffuse tabloid and media speculation. She’s denied rehab rumors and spoken candidly about her troubles with the law, but when it comes to her thickening midsection Richie has remained remarkably tight-lipped. Richie spent most of season 4 of the Simple Life (‘Til Death Do Us Part) learning the ins and outs of motherhood, and the role wasn’t one she wore very well. But…it’s different when it’s your own kid, right?

Reports of Richie’s pregnancy have been confirmed and subsequently denied by different sources. Some media reports say that friends of Richie have stepped forward, confirming that there is in fact a bun in the oven. However, Nicole’s actual reps have maintained there is nothing to report, and Madden’s people have made no comments about his possible impending fatherhood either way. Richie and Madden have been dating for several months and have recently attended several A-list events together, including a fashion show.  Pictures abound, gossip ensues, and right now, Richie just isn’t talking about her potential parenthood. Will she beat BFF to the punch when it comes to the baby game? Stay tuned.



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