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Tuesday July 31, 2007 6:34 pm

Hell’s Kitchen: Ramsay Between a Rock and a Hot Face

Gordon Ramsay  It’s official – the two finalists have been announced, and during next Monday night’s season finale the fate of one would-be executive chef will be decided. will have to decide between gruff, powerful-looking Rock, an experienced restaurant chef who has been patiently biding his time for just this moment, and Bonnie, the cute, blonde nanny that Ramsay once asked “are you a dumb blonde?” with all sincerity in his voice. During the series, Bonnie has broken down in tears several times, once tried to cook on a stove with no heat, expressed confusion over the actual components of beans and franks, and caused Ramsay to fly off the handle several times.

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The last episode of Hell’s Kitchen pit the three remaining contenders against their own mothers, who contributed in a blind taste test of three dishes. Jen won the competition and was treated to an afternoon with Ramsay (and his mum) and a shopping spree. The good vibes didn’t carry Jen through dinner service the same evening, however, and she was the last to leave Hell’s Kitchen.

She will be back, however, as will other chefs from this season, to help the final two complete their last Hell’s Kitchen dinner services. Bonnie and Rock will choose their chefs from former teammates, and cook meals based on their own menus in a restaurant each has designed. This will give Gordon Ramsay the information he needs to make his final decision: Rock…or the nanny?

Neither contender seems to be as strong as previous Hell’s Kitchen winners, but this whole season has pretty much been a wash. At least one chef from this year’s competition may in fact return for season four, however, as Ramsay personally extended his own invitation to Julia. Eliminated in fourth place, Julia was also given a once-in-a-lifetime gift from Ramsay himself: he’s going to send her to culinary school. Season 3 is almost over, and Ramsay has already given us something to look forward to. Who will win the grand Hell’s Kitchen prize, and run their own high-class restaurant? The way this season has been going, it’s still anybody’s game.



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