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Friday August 31, 2007 1:10 pm

Fore! Another Hit for the Golf Channel

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Golf Ball Honestly, I didn’t know the channel existed. Even more, I didn’t know the Golf Channel is chock-full of reality shows, like The Big Break (currently celebrating several successful seasons). So it was with a dubious eye that I watched the brand-new Fore Inventors Only, a show hosted by Golf Channel alum Vince Cellini. For the past few weeks, each Tuesday at 10 pm I’ve found myself tuning in. First it was a little bit of a freak show – auditioning before a panel in an -esque set up, would-be inventors paraded their golfing devices in hopes of finding fame and acclaim. Some of these inventions were unwieldy, some silly, some totally nonsensical. But a few – okay, something like forty – made it through round one. And, before I knew what was happening, I was hooked. On a show that’s on the Golf Channel. Go figure.

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Round two competitors got to take their inventions out to the golf course, and see their products field tested by former Big Break cast members. (By the way, the Big Break is a Golf Channel reality show where competitors battle for the chance to get on a professional golfing tour). The contestants were whittled down, leaving only ten to go forward into the marketing round. Marketing meant going to a golf shop and pitching to real consumers – and it was the criteria by which the field of 10 was narrowed to only 5 inventions. These 5 made their own commercials for their products, then nervously sat before the panel to wait for the next eliminations. Only this time, the eliminations didn’t come. The five inventors were told that the winner would be picked by America – the consumers. That was last week.

This week, Tuesday’s episode of Fore Inventors Only will occur live. After all the votes are tabulated, one inventor will get to see their product in golf shops around the nation, and watch their very own commercial on the Golf Channel. Heady stuff, indeed. Set to air Tuesday at 10 pm, the live season finale of Fore Inventors Only will be hosted by comedian/golfer . Applications for the 2nd season of Fore Inventors Only are already being accepted, as the show has been renewed. Have you got the next great golfing tool? Now, you can prove it.

This year’s final inventions are: Hill Shot Golf, a sloped hitting tee for uphill practice created by Brandi and Larry Koch of Prospect, Kentucky (and my personal pick to win); Club Glider, a gold travel bag invented by Gary Sherrell of Maple Valley, Washington; Z-Factor Perfect Putting Machine, a putting training device made by Dean Thompson of Boise, Idaho;  Pro Play Golf Performance System, a small camera and software device that lets golfers see their own swing, invented by Marcus Bohn and Tim Kipley (of Arizona and Texas, respectively); and the Club Caddy, a clothes-pin-like clip that holds golf clubs on the course, invented by David Jones of Martinez, Georgia.



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