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Tuesday June 26, 2007 12:11 pm

Roger Lodge to Host GSN’s Camouflage

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GSN LogoThe Game Show Network is bringing another original game show to cable this summer with Camouflage, a hidden word game show that’s a mixture of trivia and word puzzles. GSN has had mixed success with their original programming, enjoying hits like Lingo and Chain Reaction, while suffering through failures like Starface and That’s the Question. Now, Roger Lodge will try his hosting hand on the network for games.

Lodge is recognizable from his hosting duties on Blind Date, though he’s also hosted a live stage version of The Price is Right in Atlantic City and Trivial Pursuit on ESPN. After seven years, Lodge’s Blind Date duties are over, making him ripe to join other hosts who have tried their hands at GSN games. Camouflage is scheduled to premiere July 2 at 7:30pm.

The puzzles will be a confusing mishmash of letters with a word hidden inside. Lodge will give contestants a clue, a hint to help them out, and then the game begins. “Decoy” letters will slowly drop out of the scene until one player comes up with the correct answer. Forty half-hour episodes of the show have been ordered by GSN, though it’s anybody’s guess whether or not all of these will make it to air. Last season’s Starface, hosted by Danny Bonaduce, came and went so fast that hardly anyone got the chance to see it on the station.

Camouflage questions will cover general knowledge and pop culture trivia, and the faster contestants answer their questions the more points they’ll be able to rack up. GSN will unveil other originals this summer, including Without Prejudice, where five strangers will have their lives examined by a panel of five more strangers to see who gets to take home the prize of $25,000. Hosted by Dr. Robi Ludwig, the show is a social experiment to see if people really can judge others Without Prejudice. This GSN original is set to air July 17 at 9pm ET.



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