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Friday June 1, 2007 5:14 pm

Keep a Scorecard for the Primary Debates

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American FlagThe calendar says that 2008 is going to be a Presidential election year, and that can only mean one thing: primary debates. This year’s round of competitors are fierce and rarin’ to go – and anyone can catch the action on Sunday. Missed the first primary debates? No problem, they’re going to be doing this for months and months (and on a few different networks). The Presidency is wide open at this point, and it’s anybody’s guess just who will get the oh-so-important primary vote, but one thing is for sure: they will all scramble to outdo each other at the debates, and that makes for interesting TV. Who will walk away with your vote? Make sure you keep a notepad handy, or else you’ll never keep track of all the players.

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There are eight…maybe nine potential candidates lined up for CNN’s Sunday night coverage (which begins at 7 pm ET, and is scheduled to last for two hours) of the Democratic Primary Debates, another chapter in the long series of debates that will be conducted. CNN’s roster includes Bill Richardson (NM-Gov.), Barack Obama (IL-Sen.), Dennis Kucinich (OH-Rep.), Mike Gravel (AK-Sen.), Al Gore (undeclared, for. U.S. V.P.), John Edwards (NC-for. Sen.), Chris Dodd (CT-Sen.), Hillary Clinton (NY-Sen.), Joe Biden (DE-Sen.). Got that? All candidates, with the exception of Al Gore, have officially announced their intentions to run for the Presidency. Al Gore has stated he isn’t running for the candidacy, however CNN has him listed as a debate participant. For two hours, these gentlemen and lady will verbally duke it out, moderated by Wolf Blitzer, to the delight of CNN viewing audiences everywhere.

Two days later, on June 5, the Republicans will take the stage. Flip your scorecard over, and here’s the participants: Sam Brownback (KS-Sen.), Jim Gilmore (VA-Gov.), Newt Gingrich (undeclared, for. U.S. House Speaker), Rudy Giuliani (NYC-for. Mayor), Mike Huckabee (AR-Gov.), Duncan Hunter (CA-Rep.), John McCain (AZ-Sen.), Ron Paul (TX-Rep.), Mitt Romney (MA-for. Gov.), Tom Tancredo (CO-Rep., not formally filed, but announced), Fred Thompson (undeclared, TN-for. Sen, actor), and Tommy Thompson (WI-for. Gov.). It is during the debates that all candidates will attempt to wow potential voters, who will take to the polls to decide which of them will have the honor of running for the office of President of the United States of America. Heady stuff.

Other debates will be featured on a bevy of networks. The Democrats will debate again on July 23 (CNN), July 28 (PBS), August 19 (ABC), September 26 (NBC), October 30 (NBC), November 15 (CNN), December 10 (CBS), January 31 (CNN), while the Republicans will answer questions again August 5 (ABC), September 27 (PBS), October 14 (ABC), October 21 (FOX news), November 6 (MSNBC), and January 30 (CNN). This year, at least twenty very different individuals will compete to win our hearts and our votes. Don’t miss a minute of the action!



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