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Wednesday June 27, 2007 10:54 am

Don’t Forget About FOX

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FOX Logo Okay, so FOX’s summer hasn’t gone as the network expected. The after-Idol reality show On The Lot hasn’t performed as FOX execs hoped, likely because the network pit their brand-new show against the known success of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, a big summer ratings-grabber. But FOX knows how to combat sagging ratings and shows that seem to be bombing – with much more new reality to entice viewers. That’s right, FOX is down…but they aren’t out of the summer reality TV game.

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Beginning July 11 at 9:30 pm, FOX will again try to grab new viewers with another brand-new reality series titled Don’t Forget the Lyrics. The goal? Just to sing, karaoke-style, the lyrics of well-known hits. The prize? One million dollars. Contestants will start out under the big spot lights on stage, and begin singing along to lyrics printed on huge screens. Then, all those lyrics go away and nothing but the music will remain. Each time the contestants correctly fill in the blanks, they’ll get to choose between staying and playing or taking the money and running. All it takes is nine correct songs to get to the $1 million maybe, where they’ll sing one last song to win the grand prize.

Wayne Brady, yes the comic from Whose Line is it Anyway, will be the host of the new FOX reality sing-along. This show, like FOX’s biggest hit , is scheduled to run two nights a week. On The Lot was initially scheduled for the same, but after only two weeks was scaled back to once-a-week episodes. This time, though, FOX has learned its lesson: Don’t Forget the Lyrics will air Wednesdays and Thursdays, not on a week night where NBC’s talent show can slay them in the ratings.

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