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Monday October 19, 2009 6:44 pm

Will Victoria Beckham Spice up Gossip Girl?

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Victoria BeckhamThe CW is pulling out all the stops to keep from falling to the ratings wayside. Now, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) will be putting in a guest appearance.

Gossip has it that Blake Lively spoke with Beckham during the recent launch of her fashion collection. Apparently, the Brit is a fan of the show. According to an unnamed source, “Victoria isn’t an actress, and wanted her role to be very tongue-in-cheek.” Sounds interesting…if you like .

If this doesn’t pull GG out of its slump, who knows what the show will do next?

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Forum Discussion

Prison Break all the way! I have seen season one and two. Family Guy The Simpsons and sometimes I also watch the simpsons but not that often

24 (my favorite! very sad they delayed this season until 2009 though), House, Prison Break (mainly season 1), NUMB3RS, Family Guy, South Park, and CSI. I don't really watch movies, so I'd much rather watch TV shows

That are a lot of series. Do you ever go to sleep?:P I think it's 50-50, watching movies - watching series. But I don't watch that often TV.

favourite tv show right now will be the simson.. i also have complete dvd for all the season till lattest

Wow, I totally forgot about Prison Break, although I missed the last couple of episodes! I started watching Prison Break when it first started and how could I forgot Prison Break. ;) @Larrabee - I do go to sleep, haha, I end up watching the shows from my computer the next day or something. I don't watch them all when they're on TV.

Indian Idol, American Idol, Mtv Roadies, The simpsons.

The Simpsons. its winning hands down,Also like South Park.

Naruto Family Guy The Simpsons The Boondocks Masters of Horror South Park Any Game Show etc.

my favortie tv shows are weeds, house, smallville, heroes, reaper, the boondocks, naruto, bleach, one piece, and mtv juvies. that is all i can come up with now.

Mine favorite are here:- LOST Ugly Betty Heroes Grey?s Anatomy Smallville CSI Friends The Simpsons Family Guy Supernatural OC One tree hill and some other show what i sees.

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