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Tuesday March 4, 2008 1:38 pm

Why Christian Must Win Project Runway Season 4

Christian SorianoWith the season finale of Bravo’s trendiest reality show, around the corner, fans across America are almost divided between the top two finalists, Christian Siriano and Jillian Lewis. I am here to tell you exactly why Christian must absolutely win this competition.

To begin, let’s talk about . Throughout the show, Rami’s designs have been good. Sometimes they were too good, and no one knew just why until last week’s episode explained why: he’s already an established designer! Unlike the other three contestants who were living in poor New York studios, Rami had his own studio. Not only that, but his collections are in fifteen boutiques in both L.A. and New York. To top it all off, he has clothed Jessica Alba (his piece is actually in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Dita Von Teese, Paula Abdul, and , to name a few. Why the hell is this guy on the show in the first place?!

Then there is , who for some reason feels compelled to actually wear overalls on a show like Project Runway. Might I remind you about the Christmas sweater she wore last week that looked like something her grandmother made her? Overall, her designs have really been nothing too great. She was nearly kicked off one week, too.

This is why has to win! I would love for someone that young to be given such a great opportunity such as this—someone with actual taste and talent. While he may be a bit cocky, he’s made some amazing pieces throughout the course of the show; there were plenty of times this season where he should have won the challenge. Christian, hands down, is simply fierce.

The second part of Season Four’s airs Wednesday night on Bravo at 10 Eastern/Pacific.

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