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Tuesday March 11, 2008 3:40 pm

Who Do You Think The Stars Are?

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NBC Logo actress Lisa Kudrow, in association with Is or Isn’t Entertainment and Wall to Wall, will soon bring a new series to , the network desperate enough to put anything on the air. The series, Who Do You Think You Are?, will take viewers and participants on a historical journey. Each hour-long episode is derived from a British hit where celebrities are taken through their own genealogy. In the English version, stars are often brought to tears as decades- and centuries-old skeletons are pulled forth from ancestral closets. I couldn’t possibly be more disinterested in this.

Show creator and Wall to Wall CEO Alex Graham calls it “incredibly moving.” NBC has green lighted the project on certain conditions only, all of which hinge upon the cast. Several celebs are currently being researched, though as of right now NBC isn’t releasing any names.

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The public gobbles up sordid tales of celebrity woes, devouring and fueling the flames of rumor - but all of it has a shelf life of about two days. Half a week goes by and suddenly there’s a new scandal. Could transgressions occurring fifty years ago possibly be relevant to today’s celeb fixations? Honestly, it would be difficult for me to care less about this show. Not only do I not care what celebrity ancestors did once upon a time, I don’t even care what my own ancestors did way back when. Is NBC on its way to creating yet another ratings bomb? We shall see.


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