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Which Celebrities Will Survive Elimination?

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I'm A Celebirty, Get Me Out of Here

John Sally’s decision to give himself immunity was the first big topic of discussion on Wednesday’s . The phone lines and Web site are now open to accept votes. Just like on American Idol, viewers are asked to support the celebs they want to keep on the show - not the ones they’d like to eliminate.

  suffered a bad dream the next morning, and shared a conversation about Jesus with Stephen Baldwin as a result. “I don’t want to be who I am,” she sobbed at one point.

“God can change all that, dude. For real,” he told her.

The celebs were given charcoal and paper with which to do sketches of themselves in the jungle. Janice drew herself lying down and staring at the camera, while John saw himself in the river. Stephen drew a stick figure of himself with the Bible. Sanjaya also drew the river, which he finds very"serene.” Holly, too, drew Sanjaya in the river, both of them with their arms up in the air. Patti drew herself sitting in the river with . After spending so much time in the jungle, the celebs are starting to feel like a family - albeit, dysfunctional.

The next food trial asked for two celebs from both teams. Janice Dickinson was determined to do the challenge and would brook no opposition. volunteered second, and the women’s team was set. John Salley and Stephen were elected to compete for the men.

This prize was Chinese take out, four items for the team. Wearing harnesses that tied them together, each team would have to navigate a spider’s web to collect flags. Working together, Janice and Patti were able to collect all the flags on the web. Even with little communication, the women worked well together. kept up a running stream of conversation, but the strategy seemed to work well for the pair. The men also managed to collect every flag on the large net. With a time of 2:48, they beat the women’s time of 4:11. Stephen was especially psyched to win the award, as Chinese take-out is his favorite.

, though he got to enjoy Chinese that evening, decided to make dinner for the women. John Salley was rather displeased with the idea, however. He also didn’t care for the food Malakar made, and raised an issue about it in the camp. Salley pretty much banished the pop star from the kitchen from here on out.

With Thursday elimination looming, all the campers were concerned about how life in the jungle is about to change. All but Lou and John are at risk, and two will definitely go home before tomorrow night is out. The hosts trekked into the forest at the end of the episode for the live shot, and to reveal the results of the vote so far.

“It’s extremely close,” Myleene Klass reported. “As of this morning, Janice, you are not in the top two.”

“Patti Blagojevich, I can tell you, you are not in the bottom two,” Damien Fahey added.

The actual results of the vote will be revealed on the Thursday episode, wherein two stars will be booted right out of the competition. Who will it be? Only you get to decide.

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