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Monday June 8, 2009 1:48 am

What Do Celebrities Need for Jungle Life?

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There’s something vastly entertaining about seeing usually-spoiled celebs make do without their fancy cars, pretty clothes and expensive amenities…and some are obviously adapting better than others. The stars of do have a few personal possessions to ease the sting of constantly camping out, however. So, what do reality TV celebrities need to make it for days on end in Costa Rica?

Each cast member of the show was allowed to bring three pairs of underwear and three swimming outfits when they were deposited in the wilds of Costa Rica. But each was also allowed to bring a personal item to help ease the pain of family and creature comfort separation for their duration on the show. So…what’d they all bring?

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Lou Diamond Phillips and both brought photographs with them, little reminders of the lives they’ve left behind (at least, left behind until shooting wraps). Former NBA star John Salley eschewed already-printed pics for the opportunity to create his own, bringing a camera into Costa Rica.

Frances (of ) chose a pair of leather gloves, while the other half of her comedy act (Angela) had the foresight to bring clothing line. The Pratts, Heidi and Spencer, both chose to bring Heidi’s dry shampoo hair product. Janice Dickinson, Torrie Wilson and Patti Blagojevich are all also guilty of vanity. Janice brought along her face cream, Patti chose to bring her compact and Torrie carried self-tanning lotion into Costa Rica. Stephen Baldwin chose toothpicks as his special item, and Sanjaya Malakar chose to stay active with a volleyball and soccer ball.



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