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Monday June 21, 2010 11:25 am

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Professes His Love for Sookie Stackhouse

Snoop Dogg might not get a chance to play a vampire in True Blood anytime soon, but he did just pay a special visit to Bon Temps.

If you failed to watch past the credits after last night’s episode, you may have missed Snoop’s musical love letter to Merlotte’s own telepathic waitress. In “Oh Sookie,” the rapper sings: “Oh Sookie, can I take you away?/ You ever been to LA?/ Come and play on my team / We’ll do it in the daytime / Bill won’t know a thing.”

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Although most women wouldn’t necessarily find that earlier line appealing, there are certain things Sookie Stackhouse () might like about her non-bloodsucking admirer. Number 1: “Won’t trick you like Eric / And make you drink blood.”  Number 2: “Bill ain’t for real/ he ain’t true blood/ Snoop is the G/ I smoke true bud.” (Both are valid arguments.)

You have to admit - the man does have a way with words.

Warning: Don’t press play unless you’re prepared to have Snoop Dogg “get in your head.”



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