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Saturday November 3, 2007 12:48 am

Vanessa Hudgens Offered Raise for ‘High School Musical 3’

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Vanessa HudgensWow.  Wow.  Ladies and gents, it’s now official.  Apparently sex does sell.

Despite her now infamous photo scandal, has been asked back for .  And though could have used the embarrassment as reason to lowball their offer, they have instead rewarded the nudie queen with a raise.  According to Us Magazine, has also been confirmed for the sequel—though I doubt her paycheck will be as ‘substantial’ as the one reportedly given to Hudgens.

I’m still not really not sure why I was surprised to hear this news.  As a former marketing major, I’m fully aware there’s no such thing as bad publicity.  And given s ability to still launch a hit album these days, it’s apparent the public really doesn’t care what celebrities do in their private lives anymore.

Now if or any of the other were smart enough, they’d get themselves into some ‘trouble’ real quick; apparently Disney’s willing to shell out the dough.

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