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Tuesday November 3, 2009 12:02 pm

Upcoming Heroes Death Not So Shocking

Kristen Dos Santos

While reporter Kristin Dos Santos has been the source of many a good TV spoilers, she posted a breaking story on E!‘s site regarding Heroes that wasn’t quite so… shocking.

On top of divulging the “spoiler” flat-out in the title, Santos confirms the fact that Adrian Pasdar has been offed on the NBC action-drama. Wait a second—hasn’t he already been dead as of last season? I doubt that anyone was counting on a hero to bring him back from the afterlife…

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While the series itself has been a target for negative criticism lately, someone really ought to keep better tabs on those (this includes the folks at Entertainment Weekly) supposedly keeping up-to-date with the show before they report breaking news.

The fact that this is the most interesting tidbit we can get these days says loads about the quality of the show—killing off Nathan Petrelli and confirming it a season later is the best that they can do to get fans’ attentions?



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