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Sunday October 10, 2010 10:21 pm

TV Talk: Dora the Explorer Lawsuit, Awkward Family Photos Series

Dora the Explorer-Being labeled “half” a man can earn you serious dollars. Two and a Half Men‘s Angus T. Jones has just agreed to a $300,000-per episode deal. The 17-year-old—contracted for 26 more episodes—also got a $500,000 signing bonus.

-The original voice behind Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer says she was cheated out of millions. Caitlin Sanchez and her family claim they were forced to sign a “convoluted and inscrutable contract” without legal help.

-Is it possible to translate awkwardness for TV? ABC is developing a series based on Awkward Family Photos, a book—and website—created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack.

-Ramona Singer reportedly punched a producer after getting “worked up over filming” a scene in her home. A source claims the Real Housewives of New York star “felt like the producers were ganging up on her.”



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