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Sunday June 8, 2008 9:42 am

This Week on TV (6/9-6/15)

Nashville Star

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MONDAY (6/9)
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “DeAnna accuses the 9 remaining bachelors of refusing to take the competition seriously, but first she invites them to compete in a singing contest.” I don’t understand why those guys don’t see the importance of a proper serenade.
  • Quads with 2 Moms (Discovery Health, 8pm):  “A same-sex couple who want to become parents undergo fertility treatments and both become pregnant with twins.” I just can’t believe Oprah didn’t get a hold of this story first!
  • Greek (ABC Family, 8pm):  Season finale. “The Cyprus-Rhodes students head to the beach for Spring Break where Casey finally decides to leave the past behind and cut loose.” And by “decides”, we mean she finally “downs” a couple of shots and forgets the past.
  • Nashville Star (NBC, 9pm):  Season/network premiere. “Billy Ray Cyrus takes over the hosting from Jewel, who moves to the judges’ table alongside country stars John Rich and Jeffrey Steele.” I never thought the day would come when I would compare Jewel to .
TUESDAY (6/10)
  • Most Outrageous Moments (NBC, 8pm):  “A spate of bloopers includes footage from America’s Got Talent.” Next week: A whole hour of videos.
  • Hell’s Kitchen (FOX, 9pm):  “Chef Ramsay orders the five remaining chefs to teach cooking-impaired housewives how to prepare a gourmet meal.” Didn’t he spit out most of their dishes when they first started?
  • A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila (MTV, 10pm):  “Tila meets the families of the final four contestants.” One glance at her hotness and they’ll know their kids made the right choice.
  • Secret Lives of Women (WE, 10pm):  “Profiles of four adult-film stars.” So now what’s the secret part about?


  • Celebrity Circus (NBC, 9:30pm):  Series premiere. “Celebs learn and perform circus acts in this reality-competition series.” Start placing your bets now. Who thinks it’ll make it to two episodes?
  • House of Payne (TBS, 10pm):  “Jazmine tries to make the grade in a spelling bee, and Malik gives her an assist in trying to dethrone the reigning champion.” Step One: Spell name correctly.
  • Men in Trees (ABC, 10pm):  Series finale. “Marin gets a hefty check for her latest book, which pleases Jack, at first.” Didn’t we already see this storyline with Jack? Oh wait - that was Jack Berger on Sex and the City.
  • She’s Got the Look (TV Land, 10pm):  “The 10 finalists prepare for their first elimination challenge: a nude photo shoot.” Nude, schmude. When you’re over 35, it’s considered a compliment when someone asks to see you naked.


  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo, 9pm):  Season premiere. “Kathy digs in to co-host a New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper.” ? That’s at least a B-list gig!
  • My Boys (TBS, 9:30pm):  “Mike beds a waitress from Crowley’s, resulting int he gang being banned from the hangout.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story about a guy scoring his friends free drinks.
  • Swingtown (CBS, 10pm):  “Bruce celebrates a great day on the trading-room floor by attending a party with Susan and the Deckers at the Playboy Club.” Aren’t good days usually spent alone at the Playboy Club?
  • Fear Itself (NBC, 10pm):  “A private investigator (Eric Roberts) on a stakeout in a haunted house is tormented by his past.” There’s only so many times he can stomach watching Star 80.


FRIDAY (6/13)
  • Dog Whisperer (National Geographic, 8pm):  “A German shepherd named after Muhammed Ali is aggressive and always ready for a fight.” So do the owners really need help…or just a name change?
  • Can You Duet (CMT, 9pm):  “A winner is chosen in the first-season finale.” This show just makes me miss Hall & Oates more and more.
  • Mobile Home Disaster (CMT, 10pm):  “A 40-year-old mobile home is customized for a family who believes it is haunted.” So I’m confused. Are they trying to make room for their friendly ghosts?
  • Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi, 10pm):  “A hostage standoff unfolds as the rebel Cylons hold President Roslin captive in a bid to coax the ‘final five’ Cylons to come out of hiding on Galactica.” Nothing gets people out of hiding like a box of doughnuts. I’ve seen it happen.


SUNDAY (6/15)
  • Tony Awards (CBS, 8pm):  “Whoopi Goldberg hosts the 62nd annual gala honoring Broadway’s best from New York’s Radio City Music Hall.” Definitely a step up from her years on Hollywood Squares.
  • Britain’s Worst Teeth (BBC, 10pm):  “Some of Britain’s top dentists work with four people in their twenties who say their terrible teeth affect nearly every aspect of their lives.” Post-makeovers, everyone will have the proper shade of yellow.
  • Living Lohan (E!, 10:30pm):  “Ali is determined to get a puppy, even though Dina is against the idea.” Puppy, no. Wanting to be like sister , acceptable.
  • Next Food Network Star (Food Network, 10pm):  “Martha Stewart is a guest judge as the contestants invent original food products and present them to buyers.” Didn’t Martha already try this reality show thing…and fail?



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