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Sunday October 25, 2009 8:39 pm

This Week on TV (10/26-11/1)

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MONDAY (10/26)
  • Heroes (NBC, 8pm):  “Claire and Gretchen go through hazing, but they’ve got other problems facing them.” They could just be blackballed from the entire network.
  • Trauma (NBC, 9pm):  “Tyler and Boone are called to a Halloween party that has gone haywire.” Every year, someone takes “Dead Man’s Party” literally.
  • Gossip Girl (CW, 9pm):  “Elsewhere, Dan is rattled when he watches one of Olivia’s on-screen sex scenes.” No one wants to think about Lizzie Maguire having sex.

TUESDAY (10/27)

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (ABC, 8pm):  “The Peanuts Halloween treat features finally getting invited to a Halloween party.” Too bad he’ll be showing up four days early.
  • Ghost Lab (Discovery, 10pm):  “The Klinge brothers visit Chicago and Fort Worth to conduct probes in a tattoo parlor and a bed-and-breakfast that was once a bordello.” Those are entities some people might not mind seeing.
  • Little Couple (TLC, 10pm):  Season premiere. “Jen has her lung capacity tested, which will help determine her ability to carry a baby.” It would also test her ability to chase after the future rug rat.


  • The Middle (ABC, 8:30pm):  “Brick is tested at school and rated socially challenged.” His parents should have anticipated this problem before naming him.
  • Cougar Town (ABC, 9:30pm):  “Jules needs advice from breakup experts Laurie and Ellie after Josh professes his love for her.” This was not an issue her other friend, , was equipped to answer.
  • Top Chef: Las Vegas (Bravo, 10pm):  “A list of television shows compiled by TV Guide editors inspires the cooks to serve up a TV dinner.” The meals will be judged by either Cheers or Jeers.


THURSDAY (10/29)
  • 30 Rock (NBC, 9:30pm):  “Two celebs have died and Tracy fears that he’ll be the third to go.” He fears retaliation for taking down Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri.
  • The Mentalist (CBS, 10pm):  “The team investigates the claim that a wealthy man was killed by a ghost that haunted his mansion.” It was only a matter of time before spawned a sequel.
  • The League (FX, 10:30pm):  Series premiere. “An ensemble comedy about married men involved in a fantasy-football league begins with the guys preparing for the league’s upcoming draft. But the three-time defending champ has a problem: his wife think he’s not playing this season.” He actually said he would quit being commissioner, not quit altogether.


FRIDAY (10/30)
  • Supernanny (ABC, 8pm):  “A lesson in discipline for a couple whose two sets of twins (ages 4 and 7) control the household.” If the parents could have disciplined themselves after the first set of twins, they wouldn’t have a problem now.
  • DietTribe (Lifetime, 8pm):  “The women are apprehensive about swimming in the ocean for the first time.” Sharks are good at sniffing out fresh meat.
  • Stargate Universe (Syfy, 9pm):  “The ship’s water supply dwindles, prompting Col. Young and Lt. Scott to visit a frozen planet in search of drinkable samples.” The mission had a brief setback when Lt. Scott suffered a crippling case of brain freeze.


SUNDAY (11/1)
  • Styl’d (MTV, 10pm):  Series premiere. “The unscripted series starts with five aspiring celebrity stylists begin vying for a coveted job with the elite Margaret Maldonado Agency (MMA).” In the first episode, one stylist will be eliminated after an actual MMA fight.
  • Brothers & Sisters (ABC, 10pm):  “A surprise visit boosts Kitty’s spirits during her chemotherapy treatments.” She never thought she would see that dancing baby ever again.
  • The Girls Next Door (E!, 10pm):  “Bridget Marquardt hosts a fashion show to benefit an animal charity and gets Crystal and the twins to help out.” There’s no sadder sight than a homeless bunny.



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