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Monday August 18, 2008 1:02 pm

The Two Coreys: End of the Line?

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Corey Haim and Corey Feldman

After two short seasons, Sunday night’s finale seemed to toll a death knell for the A&E series . Is it all really over? I see much more reality TV in store for this pair.

Season two of the show displayed a marked difference from the more lighthearted fun of the first, which often made ’s antics seem childish but never truly harmful. The season that was marked with drama and squabbling ended in much the same way, though on a somewhat somber note. This ambiguous ending leaves much more to be said on the future of the two…assuming there is one.

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Coreys Haim and Feldman

As for Haim’s future, it doesn’t necessarily look dim despite his documented - and still alleged (I have to say that) - substance abuse problems. He’ll soon have a brief appearance in Crank 2: High Voltage, which also features Amy Smart (rumor has it both will appear nude in the movie, though perhaps not in the same scene). He is also filming Shark City with . Truth be told, I want to see more of Corey Haim.

I think he’s great in the reality genre - the man shows no fear when it comes to throwing his own inner demons out on the table. That’s just good TV. Here’s a thought: let’s put Haim on . I love this idea.

With this, we’re achieving two goods at once: we all get to see more Haim on reality TV, and he seems a prime candidate for rehab already. With luck, Dr. Drew can dry him a bit and Haim can start doing more prestigious projects…or, hell, just more reality TV.

On the subject of The Two Coreys season finale, wrote the following in his blog. Try not to be deterred by the utterly appalling spelling and grammatical errors, if you can:

Well Sunday marks the premier of the final episode of the season and quite possibly forever. For the record the rumors of the show being cancelled by the network are quite untrue. as a matter of fact A&E is immensley pleased with the ratings this year which toppled our very strong first season. The reason the show will most likely not continue on is quite simple.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the only way I would even consider another season or anything else with CH is if he get’s the help he truly needs. Susie and I wish only the best to him in his future ventures, and in no way is this due to us having any angry or ill fated feelings towards him. It is strictly out of love that I have drawn the line that I have. In simpler terms I do not feel that it would be morally right, knowing what I now know of his situation, to continue on supporting his demise. I believe there is always hope.

Career-wise, Corey Feldman is still touting his band The Truth Movement and can currently be seen in The Lost Boys 2 (which is On Demand for your viewing pleasure).


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