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Thursday June 26, 2008 4:44 pm

The International Ghost Hunt is Back On

Ghost Hunters If you noticed a dismal lack of spooky thrills and chills this Wednesday evening, it’s probably because no new episode of aired to put us in touch with the paranormal. Sadly, the show will not return with fresh fear until September. In the meantime, you’ll just have to remain content with the show’s spin-off: Ghost Hunters International.

This European version of the show premiered on the in January, and though it scored the highest premiere ratings any reality show on SciFi has ever seen (including its parent program), only seven episodes aired before the fourth season of Ghost Hunters premiered to sweep International back under the rug. Now, the original is out of new episodes. It’s time for the B crew to shine again.

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SciFi Channel

Seven more episodes of Ghost Hunters International will run soon on SciFi. It’s all scheduled to begin on the 9th of July. By the time International runs out of brand-new programming, the regular Hunters crew will re-appear in September. With any luck, we’ll only have to wait two weeks - at the most - for new spooks, investigations and the mysteries of the unexplained. If you’ve never taken a look at the GHI team, now is the perfect time to give ghost hunting with European flair a try.

Led by Rob Demarest, the International team will take on Larnach Castle in New Zealand in the next new show. He’ll join lead investigator Andy Andrews, investigators Barry Fitzgerald and Shannon Sylvia, case manager Donna LaCroix and tech manager Brian Harnois in another cross-continental trip which will take them all to gorgeous locales and supposedly haunted places.

In the first seven episodes, the team journeyed to ancient castles, underground tunnels, even the jolly pub or two. SciFi has ordered up a second season, meaning we’re sure to see more ghost-hunting action in seasons to come.


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I love this show although I couldnt do what they do. I would scared half to death. I do like the show though and others like it. As long as its on tv and I dont have to deal with it for real. I really like the one that they did on the hotel that stephen king did a movie on, it is really haunted, that one is my favorite.


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