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Wednesday February 16, 2011 12:46 am

Survivor’s Redemption Island: Rob vs. Russell, Ver. 2

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The 22nd season of Survivor will reunite two of the show’s most infamous villains -- “Boston Rob” Mariano and Russell Hantz. The two will be pitted against each other on opposing teams populated with 16 Survivor newbies.

Survivor: Redemption Island is set in Nicaragua and brings a brand-new twist to the well-known reality game: eliminated players get a second chance. Players who are voted off will not leave in this version of the game. Instead, they'll be exiled to Redemption Island. On the island, they'll have to survive until another contestant has been voted off to join them. The two will engage in a duel for supremacy, with the winner returning to the game.

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Clearly, the show’s producers are planning for an epic battle for power between Rob and Russell -- though if their competition is smart, neither man will survive to the merger of the tribes. Mariano is a highly-competitive reality star who became runner-up of Survivor: All-Stars after a seventh-place finish on the Marquesas season. He went on to appear in Heroes vs. Villains, where he was blindsighted by Russell (who made it to the final Tribal Council of this and his Samoa season). Russell discovered three hidden immunity idols during Heroes vs. Villains, and despite making to the final jury didn’t receive a single vote from his former team members.

Now, it’s payback time for both men, neither of which has ever managed to win Survivor in the past.

Rob, the only Survivor contestant to appear in four seasons of the show, will begin the game with the Ometepe tribe. Russell will start out as the leader of the Zapatera tribe.

Survivor: Redemption Island premieres Wednesday night at 8pm. May the best man win.



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