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Thursday March 10, 2011 12:31 am

Survivor: Russell Outwitted on Redemption Island

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Russell Hanz has left Survivor: Redemption Island… and the reality show’s most villainous contestant was reduced to tears when he was finally forced to face the pain of elimination. But don’t worry -- Russell wasn’t about to go out like that.

After being sent to Redemption Island by his tribe (Zapetera) last week, Russell was forced to square off against Ometepe’s Matt, the second person voted out of his tribe. Matt previously beat Francesca to stay on Redemption Island, and next week he’ll take on the recently-ousted Kristina from the Ometepe group.

Russell briefly shed tears upon facing his defeat -- truly, his first elimination in Survivor history. Hanz previously made two deep runs, reaching the final two on his previous appearances on the show. Not this season. Matt’s victory led to a complete breakdown for Russell. He immediately began to pass along information to the watching rivals from the Ometepe tribe, Phillip and Kristina. Russell told them who’s running the show with Zapetera, who has the immunity idol and plenty of other particulars -- which Phillip promptly reported to his de facto tribe leader Rob.

“Boston Rob” Mariano is still calling the shots for Ometepe, and through a bit of clever subterfuge this week he managed to nab the hidden, personal immunity idol just before he kicked Kristina to Redemption. Sadly, Rob’s personal success was a bit overshadowed by another bitter challenge loss for the tribe. Even without Russell, Zapetera continues to win. This week, the victors enjoyed a bar-be-que feast with steak, veggies and all the trimmings.

Next week, the teaser hinted that some alliances will begin to break down and two scrappy competitors (in the form of Kristina and Matt) must go head-to-head to survive on the series.



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