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Friday December 14, 2007 4:07 pm

Survivor: China: “Hello, I’m Still a Person!”

Survivor ChinaWith Erik now voted out of the game, Peih-gee was feeling like the most unpopular person at the Hae Da Fung camp.  Being the last Zhan Hu tribal member left really bothered her; she didn’t like being the outsider.  Meanwhile, Denise struggled with the decision she made at the last Tribal Council.  She knew voting Erik off could have cost her a place in the Top Three.  That move may have been the biggest mistake she had made in the whole competition.

At the next Reward Challenge, the survivors went old school with their game of darts.  Using a replica of an ancient Chinese repeating crossbow, the competitors had to hit a wall made up of their names.  Each time an arrow hit their name, they would earn a point.  The twist?  Each player had to secretly distribute the five bows they were given to the other players.

After the weapons were divvied up, Peih walked away with only one.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get anything on the board.  Denise was at least 50/50 with the only two bows she was given.  Luckily, she was successful in scoring the point for herself.  Amanda later hit two for Denise as well.  Up next was Todd.  Not only did he land 5 of 6, the marksmen scored them all for himself. 

Courtney – with her 12 bows – was the last to go.  Although she managed to not hit Peih-gee, the rest of her attempts were all over the place.  Even though Todd went into the final round clearly leading the rest of the pack, Courtney ended up giving Denise five more points and the eventual win. 

For her reward, Denise was being taken to the Great Wall of China via private jet; there she would get a nice meal and an overnight stay.  She also had the chance to take two people with her.  To thank her for the win, Denise first chose Courtney.  Despite Peih-gee’s pleas (and threats to vote against her should she end up on the jury), Todd was chosen next.  The supposedly sorry lunch lady made it clear she didn’t want the excursion to help Peih-gee get stronger.

Back at Hae Da Fung, Peih-gee continued to fume over the snub.  This was the second time Denise had opted not to pay her back for the Shaolin Temple trip.  Meanwhile, Amanda hated being excluded from her clique.  The thought of everyone eating while she had to scrounge for food was upsetting.

Realizing she had no one else to talk to, Amanda eventually approached Peih-gee and said “Why do you dislike me so much?”  Are you kidding me?  Maybe it’s because you guys are all aligned against her?  Amanda said it always felt like Peih-gee was attacking her at Tribal Council.  Although she was surprised by the bold move, Peih-gee respected her competitor for speaking her mind.  Never having had the chance to spend much time alone together, the two girls bonded for the rest of the day.

While the starving women were hunting for Asian pears back at camp, Todd, Courtney and Denise were getting the royal champagne treatment aboard their jet.  They knew Amanda would be pissed about being left out, but they believed she was comfortable about her position in the game.  They also weren’t worried about her making a new alliance with Peih-gee out in the bush.

Following America’s Next Top Model’s lead, the three reality show competitors later descended on the Great Wall where they were led to a large feast.  Unfortunately, the naïve survivors had no clue as to how they were supposed to cook the raw meat that was spread out before them.  Nevertheless, they somehow managed to get enough food down to fill their stomachs.  When they had reached the after-dinner coffee portion of their meal, Todd decided it was time to talk strategy.  What would happen if Peih-gee were to win immunity again?  Should they vote off Amanda?  Would they be able to win against her if they kept her around?  The whole conversation made Denise very nervous; it bothered her that Todd would be willing to backstab anyone.  Duh!

Meanwhile at Hae Da Fung, Amanda started revealing more of herself to her new bud.  She told Peih-gee that she considered Denise to be a puppet in the whole game.  When Peih-gee proposed voting either Todd or Denise off next, Amanda said she was very open to making surprise moves in the game.

On Day 35, the reward winners returned to camp and complained about their experience to the two losers.  They served us raw food!  We didn’t get to each as much as we had before!  Blah, blah, blah.  Hearing them whiny and ungrateful seriously irritated Amanda.  She was also irked that Todd would (rightfully) accuse her and Peih-gee of eating a large portion of the remaining rice – especially since she found out that Todd had eaten the sandwiches Denise intended to bring back to camp.

For their next Immunity Challenge, the survivors had the chance to revisit some of the challenges they had participated in over the past 36 days.  In Round One, the competitors had to throw three Chinese stars at a marked target.  The top four point-getters would move on to Round Two where they had to eat a balut egg as quickly as possible.  In Round Three, the remaining three players had to bounce a ball on a drum through an obstacle course and lead it into a bin at the finish line.  The final two opponents then had to use a sword to release 8 wooden discs; the disks would then have to be assembled into a puzzle for the win.

Much to Peih-gee’s relief, Todd was quickly knocked out of the first round.  This left the four girls to compete in the eating challenge.  Realizing that she would never be able to finish the egg (since she failed the first time she tried to do this), Denise basically handed the race over to the other ladies.  Although it was a very close race, Peih-gee managed to outbounce Courtney in Round Three; this left her and Amanda to duke it out in the puzzle phase.  Unfortunately for Peih-gee, Amanda’s skillful use of the sword gave her the slight advantage from the get-go.  Because she was able to release all of her disks first, she had just enough time to get her puzzle done for the win.  Thanks to the immunity necklace, Amanda was now guaranteed a spot in the Final Four.

Later, Courtney and Todd went for a walk by themselves; this allowed Peih-gee, Amanda and Denise some time alone to talk.  Although Denise agreed with Amanda that Todd was the most untrusting person in the game, she was still hesitant about voting him off.  She knew she’d have a better chance with the jury if he was still around.  Meanwhile, Peih-gee said it would be nice if the eventual winner were someone who didn’t backstab or cheat all the way to the end.  That was why she was hoping (and praying) the two would finally vote against him.

At Tribal Council, Todd pulled out his best Richard Hatch and made his case; the ladies had to know it was in their best interest to keep in the game since he was the one most hated by the jury.  Whether it was the speech that swayed them or their own intuition, the three others in his alliance agreed with his argument.  In the end, it seems Amanda wasn’t so ‘open’ to change after all.  LOSER: Peih-gee.

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