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Monday December 24, 2007 2:30 pm

‘Star Trek’ Remastered for HD DVD

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Star Trek original castHighly original and ground-breaking in its day, offered viewers a glimpse of the possible future. Now, it is the future…and Trek is offering viewers a glimpse of what the series might have been if it were made today.

In a new set, season one of The Original Series is being released to the public with digitally enhanced footage. Here’s the problem: true don’t want anything digitally remastered or updated. The perfection is in the purity.  The exterior special effects features on TOS were updated and enhanced with technology. In some scenes, entire ships were replaced by digital effects.

The new additions look great and may help re-introduce younger generations to this old favorite, but some die-hard Trekkies will no doubt be up in arms over any change, no matter how great-looking.

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Don't you mean from Heroes? Yeah, the guy who plays Sylar seems like a pretty good choice for Spock. And a reboot of Trek, I think, is certainly welcome.

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