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Monday March 24, 2008 12:01 pm

Spaced Remake Snubs Creators

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SpacedFor fans of the original series - some of us still finding it hard to accept that there will never be a third season - the announcement that an American remake of Spaced was on the way probably didn’t raise cheers of joy. 

In fact, it’s always been assumed that Granada (as it will be called) would be Americanized and Hollywoodized beyond recognition from the original genius upon which it’s based, which makes this latest piece of news all the more infuriating.

Wonderland and Warner Brothers, more specifically McG, have apparently cut , Jessica (Stevenson) Hynes, and show’s director Edgar Wright out of any participation with the show, crossing lines from avoidance to clear expression that their creative input is undesired.  A foolish gesture considering Pegg and Wright’s phenomenal American success with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and morally just all sorts of wrong.

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Perhaps they’re unaware (or uncaring) of the fact that they continue to pre-alienate the audiences most disposed to check out a remake, or they’re certain that the low road will make it marketable gold and lower the IQ enough that the demographic would have changed anyway.  Not an uninformed assumption, but no less offensive.

And anyway, with Run, Fatboy, Run hitting theaters this month, and a handful of projects on the way, it seems like a giant, ham-fisted, dropping-the-ball-while-running-toward-the-goal display of stupidity to burn Simon Pegg, who, with along with established co-star , would make for incredible cameo appearances.  They have a great big American fan base who would tune in just to see them play any variety of featured extra. 

Besides, hasn’t the remake been floating along comfortably using Pegg’s name and image to promote itself?

While rabid fans of Pegg, Stevenson/Hynes, and Spaced in all its former glory, (people like me), will denounce this show before it even premieres, hopefully this flagrant display of unprofessionalism is a hint to what will drive the thing into the water before it even makes it to some crap time-slot between reality shows.

For more info on all of this, I’ll be following Jessica’s Blog and checking the Spaced-Out home page.  If you’re unfamiliar with the show but love the Pegg/Frost/Wright films, all the shows are available on iTunes and (shhh!) , as well.



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