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Tuesday May 20, 2008 1:27 pm

Signs It Might Be Time for Regis Philbin to Retire

Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa and David Letterman

After endless hours of daytime television viewing, I have come to an unfortunate conclusion: needs to start planning his retirement. (At least from non-scripted fare.)

Although I do still regularly watch , Philbin’s frequent errors simply make me cringe. While he has the charm to pull some of them off, I sometimes wonder if he has any idea what he’s talking about at all.  If it wasn’t for Ripa’s amazing ability to overlook senior moments, her co-host would often come off looking quite sad.

If his mistakes or inane questions were delivered by any other person - say like, Joan Rivers - he would be ridiculed via YouTube or simply let go. (Lord knows, the ladies of The View are never given a break.) And while, someone like is known for silly remarks, he and the audience both know they are silly.  Regis’ interviews simply make him look ill-prepared and uninformed.

Here’s just a sampling of the moments I’ve noted:

  1. While talking about , Regis said the actor still had a show on ABC. (Umm, Two Girls and a Guy ended in 2001.)
  2. During a chat about Chinese food, Philbin said his favorite plate was the “meat dish over rice.”  (He wasn’t joking.)
  3. Although the host has been a New York institution for quite some time, he admitted he had no idea where the SoHo area was.
  4. After Danica Patrick’s historic win of the Indy Japan 300, the sports lover started off a conversation with Kelly by saying, “You’ve heard of Dana Patrick, right?”
  5. While interviewing actress Catherine Bell, he kept insisting she played the wife in the Almighty movies. (She wasn’t even in the second film let alone a wife in the first.)
  6. During a sit-down with Daniel Craig, these were a few of the embarrassing questions he chose to ask the star. So you like the gig then? Was the towel that you used of Sean Connery’s big enough for you?
  7. The man cannot pronounce anything to save his life.  I honestly thought Lost‘s Evangeline (Evanga-LEEN) Lilly was going to kill him because he wouldn’t stop calling her Evanga-LINE.
  8. Last week he literally gave away the answer to a trivia question before the contest even over. To win a trip, a viewer on the phone had to guess which state Jimmy Stewart was born in. He told the woman it was something they had talked about the day before…“it was a small town in Pennsylvania.”

I just want to be clear and say that I really do like the guy; he and Kelly have an amazing rapport together. My opinion about Philbin only applies to the non-scripted stuff. Projects like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? or the upcoming are perfectly suited to him.

But when I found myself looking forward to the days Jimmy Kimmel, Anderson Cooper or Jeff Probst are going to fill-in, you know that can’t be a good sign.



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