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Sunday September 9, 2007 4:23 pm

Scoop On FOX’s ‘Prison Break’

Sara TancrediRemember believing was going to be a single-season show?  Ever wondered how long the jailbirds could keep running?  Still hoping the series can eventually finish on a satisfying and climactic note?

Well it may put a damper on your Season Three viewing enjoyment to know an end is probably nowhere in sight.  (Michael Scofield) is already hinting that another two or three seasons could still be in the works.  WTF??  Let’s just hope Prison doesn’t run creatively dry like that other show, .

Meanwhile, I have to lodge another complaint against the series.  What does it have against strong women?  It was hard enough not to take it personally when Veronica (Lincoln’s girlfriend) was killed off early last season.  Now it’s being reported by TV Guide that Dr. Sara Tancredi—Scofield’s druggie honey—will soon be MIA as well.  It’s not known why or how the character will disappear, but I find the decision to be quite suspect considering actress Sarah Wayne Callies just become a mother in real-life.

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