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Wednesday August 19, 2009 12:13 am

Richard Hatch Re-Arrested After TV Interview

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UPDATE: Richard’s sister and attorney claim the arrest was a result of him doing the interview.

is having a very interesting day.

Early Tuesday morning, Hatch’s interview with Matt Lauer - the one where he claimed homosexuality was a factor in his wrongful conviction - aired on the Today show. Hours later, the winner was once again behind bars.

Richard, who recently served nearly four years in prison on tax evasion charges, had been under house arrest at his sister’s home in Newport, R.I. Although he was due to be released from home confinement on Oct. 7, he was picked up by authorities today for reasons undisclosed by federal authorities.

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Hatch’s latest troubles will, of course, only add fuel to the 48-year-old’s fire. During his chat with Lauer, Richard accused the prosecutor of misconduct and claimed he was treated unfairly because of his homosexuality. “My personal opinion — [the judge] was trying to discriminate against me,” he stated. “I don’t think you or anyone else could deny that we, as homosexuals, face discrimination.”

So what about those unpaid taxes?? The former reality star still claims CBS was supposed to write that check to the IRS. He also insists that he was never assessed by the government for the year 2000 (when he won Survivor: Borneo). “Whatever they assess, I’m going to pay. Whatever is owed, I will pay,” Richard insisted. “I’ve to this day never had an assessment. There were other issues on those tax returns, as there would be on any American’s return, that people would question.”

But should that bill come tomorrow, a payment would still be far behind. The $1 million winner revealed that he has been “financially devastated” by the legal situation.



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