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Friday February 15, 2008 3:56 pm

Review: Mary J. Blige On One Life To Live

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Mary J. BligeIf you blinked you may have missed singer ‘s performance near the end of ABC’s today. The good news is she’ll be back on Monday, February 18. Blige and her real band performed at character Starr Manning’s (Kristen Alderson) sweet 16 birthday party. It was by far the best 2-3 minutes of the otherwise tedious cliffhanger Friday show.

Blige gave an exuberant performance of her song, “Just Fine”. It was the R&B singer’s second time performing on One Life to Live. Her first go around in Llanview was back in 2006.

Incorporating real stars into the fictional world of soap operas can come across as clunky at times (think back to Timbaland’s appearance on OLTL last year when he claimed to be a fan of fictional singer Sarah “Flash” Roberts). OLTL’s writers handled this one smoothly with a crowd of kids who were supposed to be at a nightclub party anyway. The actors and extras looked like they were having a genuinely good time. So did Mary J. She says she has been a fan of the show since she was a child.

In the past few years One Life to Live has tried to set itself apart from other daytime dramas by incorporating music and big-name performances into story lines.

It’s been a good deal for the performers as well. After Mary J. Blige’s July 28, 2006 appearance on One Life To Live, her album sales jumped 40% according to Soundscan.

Starr’s Sweet Sixteen party story line continues Monday when Blige will perform a second single from her album, Hurt Again.

Friday’s show was a snoozer overall. Most of Llanview’s elite were at a “Go Red” Ball which ties into and Campbell Soup Company’s current campaign to raise awareness of heart disease in women (hence all the not-so-subtle V-8 Fusion mentions). The only big revelations were when Mayor Lowell told Bo Buchanan either he makes convicted murderer Lindsay Rappaport move out of his house or resign. Bo did neither and the mayor fired him, announced it at the ball then named psycho FBI agent Lee Ramsey as the new Llanview Police Commissioner. Meanwhile, Gigi sparred with Todd until Rex broke them up. Nora tried to find Lindsay’s confession in the “Get It Off Your Chest” box. Charlie confronted Jared about his feelings for Natalie telling him love should be more important than pretending to be a Buchanan. Mitch disciple and crackpot Allison Perkins showed up at the ball with Roxy. The last scene had Allison pulling a gun on Jessica.
If you missed today’s episode of One Life To Live you can catch it again tonight on at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.



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